Our Partners

Senior Care in Motion

Senior Care in Motion is a Covenant Health Network program, designed to coordinate health care service providers who serve senior living communities.

When working together, these health care services create what is known as a “care team”. Effective communication and coordination amongst the care team is critical to the senior resident’s health and comfort. Most importantly, it helps to ensure safe and high-quality care.

All partners accept Medicare and Medicaid, as well as most commercial insurance plans.

Covenant Health Network logo

Seamless Continuum of Care

Covenant Health Network was created to provide a seamless continuum of post-acute and senior care services in a more cost-effective manner while collaborating to improve quality and reduce administrative costs. In addition to the service capacity of our member organizations which are typically comprised of a campus offering Independent Living, subsidized and supportive living housing assisted living/personal care, and skilled nursing. CovenantHealthNetwork.org

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Hospice Services

At AVIANT Hospice, our team of caring physicians, nurses, social workers, and spiritual counselors, is dedicated to providing the care and compassion that patients and their families deserve. Our mission is simple – helping patients enjoy their time with loved ones by controlling pain, managing symptoms and by providing support and comfort as their partner in care. Contact: 480-398-2411

Physician House Calls

The Doctor Is In was established to fill an unmet need for medical care among patients who are unable to leave their homes or who have difficulty getting to a physician’s office. Our highly qualified and experienced healthcare providers specialize in providing primary and chronic care management, in addition to palliative and transitional care services. Our goal is to provide superior patient outcomes and greater quality of life to homebound patients through personalized treatment reducing the need for emergency care and hospital admissions.

Contact: 480-626-6318